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Although CAH is a different condition to Addison's, the replacement of cortisol with glucocorticoids and the emergency care is common ground. We have been asked by many if we could help by providing some leaflets for those with Addison's.

Addison's is a condition that results in a deficiency of cortisol production and needs life sustaining replacement therapy with glucocorticoids. Cortisol deficiency in Addison's maybe derived through various causes, such as the failure of the adrenal glands or an autoimmune disorder and like other disorders where the production of cortisol is compromised the result is termed as 'Adrenal Insufficiency'.

Emergency Letter Addison's

Ambulance Information Addison's

Surgery Protocol for Addison's

Extra Hydrocortisone dose at 4am in Illness Addison's

GP Letter Addison's

Illness and Emergency Advice Addison's

Quick Guide to Illness Flow Chart Addison's

The Value of 24 Hour Profiles to Assess and Fine-tune Cortisol Replacement Addison's

Using Pump Therapy to replace Cortisol in Addison's

Circadian Dosing Addison's

School Management Leaflet Addison's

Nursery Care Leaflet Addison's

Travel Advice Emergencies on Holiday

Travel and Time Zones Addison's

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