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There are several CAH research projects that the endocrine team at GOSH would like to pursue and our “CAH IS US” group would like to help by fundraising. Our fundraising team is welcoming any ideas or volunteers to assist us.  If you would like to make a donation, please send a message through the contact page.  This is a registered charity through Great Ormond Street and any donations must be specifically made out to the “Great Ormond Street Hospital Special Trustees Account Endocrine SE02”.

Our grateful thanks to:-

Nick Woodcraft

Our grateful thanks to Nick woodcraft who is fundraising for our research projects.If you would like to support Nick you can sponsor him on: https://www.justgiving.com/nickwoodcraft

Graham Bennett

Graham ran the London Marathon this year and donated over £3000. Graham’s donation was gratefully received and his webpage explains why he raised funds for GOSH this year.....

Why Great Ormond Street? - The doctors and nurses at the hospital saved my son Steven's life when he was 3 months old when he was diagnosed with CAH. Since then, we have received great support from everyone at the hospital. We all have great admiration for the commitment and dedication of the staff. All money raised will be sent to the Endocrinology department, which relates to genetic treatment and research.

Jenny Owen

Jenny Owen and her team “Grace’s Goo-Goo’s” braved the pouring rain and took part in the RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Race for Kids held at Battersea Park on 12th June 2011, to raise funds for the GOSH Endocrine Department. Team “Grace’s Goo-Goo” raised £435; these funds are very much appreciated and will go towards research for those with CAH.

Well done Jenny, Grace and Aaron and we hope that Grace and her tail have been reunited! On the subject of tales of a different kind, here’s Jenny’s rendition of the event………

“We finished in 1hr 5mins, which I'm amazed at simply because during the first 1/2 km Aaron said he's legs were hurting and Grace needed the toilet! - Slightly difficult considering she was wearing a cat costume!
Linford Christie sounded the horn and we were off....it took 4 minutes before we crossed the starting line! As we approached our first 1km Vernon Kay jogged past us (heading towards the finishing line!), to which I squealed "there's Vernon Kay" directly into his face! (had to be done). Then about 30 minutes in, we saw the finishing line. Delighted and shocked at how quick we had made it, I soon realised that we were actually only half way and had to go back on ourselves!!!! Boosting morale consisted of Haribo's and chocolate animal biscuits!

The rain did not stop all morning but with 1600 fun-runners nothing would stop us completing - not even aching legs or toilet requests!!! There were times when I had Aaron sitting in the buggy and Grace on my hip, then them both in the buggy! (I secretly longed to sit in there myself and have them pushing me butthat wasn't to happen).

Three drowned rat look-a-likes approaching the finishing line... Aaron knew there was a medal waiting for him and amazingly he found this burst of energy and sped off, Grace in tow behind him, then me...with the buggy and picnic supplies! Unfortunately after completing the course, we realised that Grace's tail had come off somewhere around the park! So if you happen to be in Battersea Park and see a long black velvety tail with a fluffy pink end, pick it up please!!!

I cannot emphasise the great work GOSH do for their patients and their families experiencing it first hand. For Grace, her endocrine nurses have worked with all Ambulance services to ensure that the emergency medicine she requires is listed on their protocol as one to administer and also to have each child registered so in the event of a 999 call, the paramedics know exactly what to expect/do.

So far, with your help, we have raised £435. A fantastic achievement and one I know will go a long way at the hospital.

I had hoped to take plenty of snaps, especially as it was Grace and Aaron's first experience of a large fundraising activity, but sadly with the rain beating down it wasn't to be. The snaps I did manage to get, you can see on our fundraising page (there's only 3 pics! 1 on the main page and the other 2 you'll have to scroll down - to the right to view!):


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